Adam Gafni and Jason Levin are virtually the ONLY copyright attorneys I have found who truly understand life and business from the artist's point of view.

Robbi Cohn, Dead Images

About Gafni & Levin LLP

Gafni & Levin lawyers bring with them a tremendous background of experience from both big firms as well as Fortune 500 companies, while at the same time delivering to our clients the personalized service and flexibility of a boutique law firm to handle most every situation.

The legal profession is at its very nature one of service to others. Gafni & Levin’s mission is simply to provide the best possible service to its clients. We are ever-conscious of fees and costs and seek to provide value and transparency at each stage of counseling and litigation.

Along with service to our clients, we recognize it is not only our duty but our privilege to serve the greater Los Angeles community. Pro bono work and community service are built in to the mission of the firm.